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5 Meal Smart Pet Feeder

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Eating from a specially textured feeder can add to the fun of eating. Imitate the dog’s search process in the wild every meal will become a happy game.

Material – Plastic
Color – White


Stuck at work with your home alone pet anxiously staring at the door, waiting to be fed? Is the guilt of ignoring your pet’s hunger pangs on lazy weekend mornings weighing you down? Are you also succumbing to risky driving on the way home to make in for your pet’s mealtime? We are sure all you pet lovers out there can totally relate to such situations. Not anymore. We are here to liberate you from all the guilt and risky drives home.

  1. Five separate food trays
  2. User friendly easy settings described in the manual in the package
  3. Silicone edged food tray seal
  4. Runs on 3D sized cells


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You're viewing: 5 Meal Smart Pet Feeder 4,400
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