Grooming gaffes you should never make

Every loving and responsible parent will agree to the fact that grooming is a tedious chore, and unfortunately, something that cannot be skipped or ignored for too long with most pets. Grooming is meant to not just spruce up your scruffy pet but also ensures the furball’s good health. And this cannot be said enough – grooming goes way beyond a quick swipe of the coat or a 10 minute training session in the morning. It is about taking care of your pet’s coat, skin, ears, nails, teeth, and much more!

When it comes to dog grooming, while it is important to know what you should do to make sure that your dog is perfectly groomed, it is also crucial to know what you should not. Here are the top grooming gaffes that you must avoid:

1. Irregular Grooming

We sympathise with your guilt even as you juggle a bajillion tasks and struggle with raising a fur baby. But guilt is one thing and attention, love, and care is another. For the sake of all things fur, do not neglect your grooming duties. Train your pet, take them to the vet, take them out, clean their fur, coat, and teeth, shampoo them, clip their nails, and do everything else regularly. Just as much as you would do for yourself. #petlivesmatter

2. Brushing when wet

Sorry, I am talking about brushing your pet’s coat while they are still wet. While brushing will rid the dog of its tangles, dead hair, fleas, and dandruff, remember to do so before getting the coat wet. This seemingly simple step can detangle the knots and also save him or her some discomfort when brushing the coat afterwards. And oh, please do not subject the poor thing to brushing while its coat is still wet! It can irritate the dog’s skin, and can actually lead to an increase in tangling or knotting of hair.Blogging from Your Published Site

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3. Washing your dog’s inner ears

Often, pet parents lovingly splash some water into the dog’s ears to clean them. It is important for you to know when and how regularly to clean your dog’s ears. American Kennel Club says that if you notice a mild odour or see your dog shaking his head more than usual, it is time for a cleaning. And it is advisable that you do not clean your pet’s inner ears. Their ear canals are to be kept dry which otherwise can become a convenient spot for bacteria to grow.

4. Bathing the pet too frequently

You may have heard about how washing one’s face very frequently robs the skin’s natural moisture, damaging it. Your dog’s fur coat is actually not much different. Bathing your dog frequently will remove the natural oils and proteins that coat their fur, which adds sheen to the coat. Frequent showers can dry their skin. Find out from your vet how often you can shower him, and follow that. Also, remember to use an absorbent pet-friendly bath towel to clean him afterwards.

5. Cutting the quick of the dog’s nails with the wrong clippers

Your furry friend can be terrified if you do not cut its nails properly. Take utmost care to not cut the quick which includes blood vessels. If you cut it, it can cause bleeding. For light coloured nails, a pink circle, and for the dark coloured nails, a black circle usually indicates the quick. Do not use blunt clippers, and keep changing these clippers from time to time to avoid them going blunt.

6. Shaving down the dog, and sometimes too close

You may have thought that shaving down your dog during summer or letting it be hairy during winter will help, right? Wrong!

Dogs need their coat to regulate their temperature during changing seasons. Make no mistake that it cools them down during summer. Shaving them down can cause them sunburns, and cause a myriad of other issues. Sure, trim the hair regularly but do not overdo it. Also, use new clippers with sharp blades that will make the task a lot less dangerous. Do not shave too close to the skin.

Grooming doesn’t just ensure good health, but also good home hygiene. No shedding of hair inside the house, no torn upholstery or sheets and no constant lint rolling – certainly big perks to consider. It’s a given that grooming takes care of your pet’s physical health and appearance. But that’s not all. Kempt dogs can attract positive attention from people, giving it an excellent opportunity to socialise which makes them less anxious and more fun! When you groom your dog regularly, you save them from discomfort and even diseases. You know what that saves? Unnecessary expenses and anxious hours at the vet’s.

The key to good grooming is oodles of patience and of course, the right grooming kit. Be it a clipper, a towel, shampoo or grooming brush – buy the right equipment for your furball. I am sure better equipment will make the entire process a little easier and a boatload of fun for you! After all, grooming your pet, especially when it is done well, can be quality bonding time between the two of you. What more can you ask for!

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