About us

About Us

The story of Sniffr started with Buzoo’s 5th brithday. Buzoo is our beloved pupper and he was in for a treat! A fancy party was to follow a relaxing grooming and spa therapy for him. After all, it was his special day! We could hear the soft whimpers of relaxation from our friend – he was enjoying all the attention he was getting.

While Buzoo was busy getting pampered, we decided to browse the store shelves. We don’t usually go out looking for things for Buzoo regularly, and happily took this opportunity to shop for even more goodies for our friend. Like all parents, we want our buddy to have the best.

As we checked out the store shelves though, we realised the ‘ruff’ ride we were in for. The lack of choices and the quality of products available was shocking. The one product we ended up getting was tagged at an ‘unhowly’ price (ok, enough with the puns). We ‘pawsitively’ felt ripped off (sorry, last one).

From that moment on, we made it a point to visit local pet shops wherever we went. Our travels took us to Europe, South East Asia and the Middle east, and we were consistently astounded with the range and quality of products available. We realised that pet parents in India don’t have access to quality products with a wide range of selection for their pets, and our labour of love took shape.

We spent every free moment acquiring pet merchandise abroad. Our Instagram was seriously confused at our activity. This was for Buzoo, and we were on a mission! On one of our trips, a customs official joked with, “yeh sab yahaan nahi milta kya sir” (don’t you find these products here in India?). And with that, our story started in earnest – we wanted to ensure that this range is available here, in our country, to every pet parent who wants to treat their furry friend well.

With that beginning, we have been able to launch Sniffr on a pilot in 2019, secure prime shelf space in Bengaluru, Mangalore, Mysore and Shimoga in 2020, and now with the launch of sniffr.in, feel that we earnestly have pan-India reach. Our intention is for every pet owner to be able to share their love with their pet, just as we do with Buzoo.

Hope you & your friend enjoy the selection we have for you. If you wish to write in to us, please do so to info@sniffr.in. It will make a world of difference to us.

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